Agile customized software solutions

Using UX design, incorporating agile methodologies and leveraging a large community of software engineers, we successfully develop high-performance digital products. Our primary goal is to help our customers achieve their day-to-day business objectives.


They trust us


Throughout your project

Functional analysis

Our team of AMOA consultants and business analysts will expertly assist you in the process of collecting, examining, and clearly defining your business requirements. Ultimately, we will provide you with comprehensive functional specifications for the software solution of your aspirations.

UX Design and creation of MVPs

The combination of Lean UX and MVP methodologies empowers businesses to efficiently develop high-quality digital products, optimizing user engagement and experimentation.



Development of software solutions

Our comprehensive range of software development and IT solutions presents an exceptional opportunity to delegate support and software engineering tasks, ensuring the delivery of dependable, robust, and secure software solutions at a highly competitive price point.

Talent sourcing and dedicated teams

Sourcing and recruitment solutions enable clients to promptly access tailored services from dynamic engineering and IT teams specialized in software development technologies.

IT consulting and business analysis

Help you express your needs

Our business analysis services offer superior solutions by means of consultancy, meticulous performance objective analysis, and astute risk identification for your software project. Business analysts adeptly establish a robust connection between stakeholders and the development team, effectively bridging the gap between technical and commercial jargon. They actively participate in each stage of development, guaranteeing precise delivery, pertinent testing, and providing guidance to business teams to seamlessly adopt your novel software.

UX design of solutions and MVP

Iterate to design your solution / MVP

Improve the quality of your software product by utilizing an iterative methodology in professional UX/UI design. Our team of experts will work with you to create a visually impressive digital experience as you develop your next product or enhance its features. By collaborating with you and your team, our designers will ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of your business and software goals before crafting the UX/UI design and information layout. Altcode’s flexible approach promotes growth and innovation through a strategy of continuous testing and learning, driven by data.

Development of software solutions

Bring your software product ideas to life

Our agile team provides clients with access to high-quality software engineering capabilities and methodologies, enabling them to efficiently test and develop their ideas. Our collaborative skills expedite progress by implementing industry-leading IT practices, ensuring team cohesion, and delivering exceptional outcomes. Agile teams consist of testers, developers, as well as individuals fulfilling roles such as scrum master, product owner, and other digital-focused experts like DevOps, Security Engineering, and UX/UI Design.


IT sourcing and dedicated teams

Talents to strengthen your teams

Our dynamic service platform provides holistic assistance, enhancing financial allocations and promoting harmonious collaboration between internal and consultant teams.

Companies depend on Altcode for their digital and technological engineering proficiency in order to expedite the pace of innovation and create exceptional software products.

Our clientele has the opportunity to leverage the skills of a continuously growing network of proficient developers and experts proficient in French, spanning across Europe (France, Belgium) and Africa (Morocco, Tunisia).

"Quality and on-time deliveries

I appreciate the quality of the work and the agility of the Alt Code team allowing them to deliver the planned sprints, sticking to the specifications and respecting the deadlines”

François-xavier L. – IT Project Director

"Good consulting skills in digital and agile transformation

I had a very good experience with the Altcode team. They managed to advise me and guide me in my functional choices. They definitely have the right in-house skills in terms of digital and agile transformation consulting. I would recommend them for companies that want to entrust their custom software development projects. THANKS ! “

Thomas M. – Account Manager

"Team I can count on

This is my second project with Altcode and I don’t regret it. We work iteratively, I share my feedback and change requests with them on each delivery, and they manage to make corrections and changes. It’s a team I can count on.”

Mehdi S. – Entrepreneur



Software solutions for the most common needs

In addition to providing software development services, Altcode develops and markets its own software solutions tailored to meet diverse management requirements across various industries.

Qualities of our solutions

Our customers are satisfied with our software solutions

Friendly and responsive UX

Easily configurable

Quality customer support

Modern web technologies

Corrective and evolutionary maintenance

Custom roles and permissions

Full documentation

Integrated analytics and reporting tools

Need advice?

With Altcode Solutions, you have the possibility to move forward on your software project with a single developer or with a dedicated team. Our flexible offerings make it easy for projects to start, scale, and end – As needed.