UX Desgin & application design and MVP

The design of user interfaces and the ability to create exceptional user experiences are interconnected aspects that contribute to ensuring the satisfaction of users and customers with digital products. This resource holds considerable importance for any company striving to stand out by offering unique interfaces.


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Types of projects

UX design is suitable for all types of digital products

The objective of user experience design is to deliver an optimal and satisfying experience for users of your web applications, as well as clients. It serves as a platform to effectively present your products, services, and overall brand identity. A well-designed user experience empowers users to effortlessly navigate your tools and successfully accomplish their desired goals. User interface design, on the other hand, establishes the aesthetic and overall appearance of your digital product. Our agency specializes in UX/UI design and can assist you in transforming your ideas into an exceptional user interface and experience that exceeds user expectations. We are dedicated to helping your brand gain recognition and success.

UX IoT Product Design

Our team of highly proficient UI/UX designers specializes in crafting bespoke user experiences for IoT applications, effectively catering to the unique requirements of users. Our primary objective is to provide user interfaces that are effortlessly navigable and instinctive, thereby guaranteeing utmost user contentment and fostering enhanced acceptance and involvement with the tools.

UX/UI design of websites and web platforms

Our team of skilled web design professionals will offer their expertise in creating powerful and dynamic digital designs that offer users a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience. Upon acquiring a comprehensive understanding of your business needs, we will begin working on your project to ensure that your website is optimized to attract potential customers and increase conversion rates.

UX Design of web and mobile applications

Our UI/UX design team assists in crafting stunning web and mobile application pages and graphical components. With in-depth UX/UI research, our team ensures that user experience and interaction design for your upcoming application meet the highest user expectations.

Creation of UX prototype for your management software

Our extensive knowledge and experience in developing custom software solutions allows us to effectively and efficiently assist you in designing user-friendly and efficient management and reporting pages for your business teams. Through our expertise in UI/UX, we can automate tasks and provide support to users in making difficult decisions that are integral to their daily complex business management requirements.

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How to create a web application prototype


6-step approach

A visually pleasing and skillfully crafted design elevates the worth of your digital products. Whether constructing mobile or web applications from the ground up or improving upon existing designs, our objective is to exceed expectations and fulfill business needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide your users and customers with a superior experience.

Step 1

Discuss and brainstorm

In order to commence, it is imperative to engage in comprehensive research of the subject matter. Whether it pertains to a website or an application, it is crucial to grasp its underlying purpose, delving into the most basic concept to the most intricate detail. As clients possess an intimate understanding of their business, we organize an open meeting with them to acquire firsthand insights that are essential. Following this, we proceed to outline the concept. Our team of designers are creative individuals, poised to assist in the creation of unique and visually appealing designs for your products.

Our team of designers possess artistic expertise and are readily available to offer their assistance in creating distinctive and tailor-made designs for your product.

Contact us and we will set up an appointment to discuss your ideas.

    Step 2

    Analyze and do research

    After conducting an initial evaluation, we then proceed to thoroughly analyze the market and the needs of the users. By examining the existing products and services, we aim to understand user behavior and identify ways to enhance their experience. Additionally, we closely examine the current industry trends and standards, carefully considering various possibilities in order to determine the best possible solution.

      Step 3

      Design and structure the concept

      After identifying a strategy, we then proceed to enhance and perfect the approach. We systematically organize information into distinct blocks, establish interconnections, and visually represent the structure. By implementing a sitemap, we guarantee that users can effortlessly accomplish tasks with minimal exertion, regardless of the device they use for the user interface.

      Step 4

      First prototypes and tests

      After confirming the viability of the concept, we proceed to delineate the various interface elements. Following this, our team of developers and UX designers meticulously craft wireframes that lay out the specific content for each page. Through a collaborative process, both our team and our clients meticulously evaluate the structure and visual hierarchy, ultimately establishing a strong and functional foundation for our final layout.

        Step 5

        Prototype to use (MVP)

        We create an interactive prototype to assess if the design and navigation meet user needs. By using and testing the prototype, we can modify interactions, implement improvements, and simplify the process. How can we make it even better? We persist with this approach until we receive a clear affirmation, indicating that we have achieved consistent performance. To accomplish this, we utilize NoCode tools such as bubble.io, which allow us to make rapid progress and simulate real-world functionality through easily deployed applications using actual data specific to each client.

        Step 6

        Product design and branding

        The aesthetic appeal of our designs serves as the crowning achievement of our creative work. We diligently study contemporary trends and artistic styles in order to create captivating and indelible visual representations. Our utmost priority is to ensure that our designs not only align with but also elevate our clients’ brand identities. With meticulous attention to detail, we carefully choose colors, fonts, and styles to translate the original concept into flawless digital output. Altcode is dedicated to delivering the most sophisticated product, providing users or clients with a tailored and unparalleled user experience through their website, application, or digital product.


          The advantages of UX/UI design

          User satisfaction and loyalty

          Devoting time to carefully consider the ideal user experience (UX) and the most refined presentation of your applications (UI) establishes the groundwork for crafting your webpages to fulfill requirements, thereby delivering favorable user experiences for your created digital tools. This methodology entices and preserves fresh users while guaranteeing continuous involvement.

          Well thought out user experience

          Devoting time to carefully consider the ideal user experience (UX) and the most refined presentation of your applications (UI) establishes the groundwork for crafting your webpages to fulfill requirements, thereby delivering favorable user experiences for your created digital tools. This methodology entices and preserves fresh users while guaranteeing continuous involvement.

          Transversal expertise

          The team at Altcode consists of highly experienced UX and UI design experts who have worked on a multitude of projects for clients spanning different industries. Whether it involves complex industrial applications or intricate business process management necessitating thorough analysis and abstraction, we possess the skills to deliver impeccable user interface design.

          Agile and tailor-made approach

          Engaging business teams in the creation of UX mockups at the project’s inception, prior to development or technical architecture, enables pre-planning of functional aspects and facilitates testing and adapting of business-related changes without incurring substantial development costs.

          Strategic vision and planning

          The creation of screen mockups enables deep contemplation and reveals areas that need further development and improvement in business processes. Developing and documenting the user experience (UX) of a minimum viable product (MVP) aids in the preparation of materials for architects and developers to accurately estimate budgets and strategically plan the development of different software components.

          Illustrate functional specifications

          UX design and wireframing are commonly initiated at the early stages of a software development project’s lifecycle, such as Epics or User Stories. They are followed by the creation of general and then detailed functional specifications. The mockups generated during the iterative UX Design process will be employed to visually enhance and supplement specification documents, often lengthy and challenging to read, in the form of screenshots and interactive screens.

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          UX DESIGN approach

          UX Design adapted to functional analysis

          User Experience (UX) designers and Business Analysts (BAs) both bear considerable responsibilities in their pursuit to ensure that digital products align with the requirements of the business team and meet user engagement expectations. However, it is worth noting that UX designers and BAs often exhibit distinctive approaches when it comes to application development and design. Our team, utilizing an agile methodology that entails iterative processes and collaborative designing/programming sessions, fosters a harmonious partnership between BAs and UX designers during business workshops. This collaborative approach enables us to provide concrete solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Moreover, this methodology places great emphasis on the pivotal objectives of bespoke application development projects, namely engaging users and attaining business/metric objectives through the effective utilization of digital tools.

          Customer cases

          Discover examples of customer projects

          Projects where customers have called on us for functional analysis, drafting of specifications and specifications, design of screen models and functional support for development teams (PO Product Owner )

          Qualities of our solutions

          Our customers are satisfied with our software solutions

          Friendly and responsive UX

          Easily configurable

          Quality customer support

          Modern web technologies

          Corrective and evolutionary maintenance

          Custom roles and permissions

          Full documentation

          Integrated analytics and reporting tools


          frequently asked Questions

          What exactly is user interface design?

          The term “UI” refers to the user interface, which is the basis of interaction between a user and an application or website. Therefore, a user interface design process involves creating the way interfaces appear and function. User interface services include visual design, interactivity, and information architecture.

          What is the reason why UX services are so important?

          A seamless user experience leads to happier customers, which drives engagement and sales. With UI or UX design services, you’ll save money on advertising and marketing efforts in the long run.

          What are the best ways to do UX research?

          Get support from a UI/UX design service company like Altcode Solutions. We view UX research as an essential step in determining your target audience to make better design choices and build an effective UX strategy. User behavior research typically includes usability testing and user interviews, as well as online surveys, and the creation of a user avatar (User Persona). If you choose us to help us improve your product, we will also perform UX audits and user testing to evaluate the use of your app or site.

          What exactly is UX design?

          UX stands for user experience. It is how a user interacts and experiences an application or web page. UX design services can help businesses create digital products that are easy to approach, enjoyable to use, and provide a seamless customer experience.

          How can we analyze user flow?

          Using user flow diagrams that represent the steps users take from their entry point to the end of the interaction with the digital system.

          How can UI services help your product?

          UI design services can help businesses deliver better user experiences that result in customer loyalty and sales.

          What are the UX issues when designing for IoT?

          UX solutions for the IoT differ from those for websites and applications since UX design is based on the interactions between users of a virtual system and a physical item. Moreover, the design becomes more complicated due to the increasing number of systems and users.


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