Talent sourcing and dedicated teams

Altcode’s talent scouting and specialized teams provide a highly flexible strategy for talent acquisition and the formation of custom software development teams. Our all-encompassing service platform fosters seamless collaboration between internal teams and consultants, maximizing financial efficiency. Rely on our profound expertise in digital and technological engineering to expedite innovation and deliver exceptional software solutions. Moreover, enjoy exclusive entry to an expanding network of Francophone developers and experts situated throughout Europe (France, Belgium) and Africa (Morocco, Tunisia).


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Advantages for Talent Sourcing and Dedicated Teams

Advanced Technological Expertise

Our Talent Sourcing and dedicated teams enable you to leverage advanced technological know-how in software development. Our engineers and specialists are meticulously chosen based on their skill and mastery of the latest technologies, ensuring ingenious solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Operational Flexibility

Altcode offers exceptional operational flexibility, providing the ability to quickly deploy dedicated teams tailored to your evolving needs, whether brief engagements or extensive partnerships. This allows for seamless adjustment of resources in alignment with the progress of your projects, without any limitations.

Strengthened Team Cohesion

Our talent search method strengthens the unity of your internal teams. By working closely with our knowledgeable professionals, your teams will benefit from increased compatibility and efficiency. This harmonious synergy between your internal teams and our consultants ensures a working environment conducive to innovation and the achievement of objectives.

Access to an Expanding Community

By opting for our service, you benefit from the opportunity to access a thriving network of highly qualified French-speaking developers and experts spread across Europe (France, Belgium) and Africa (Morocco, Tunisia). This exceptional diversity of talent offers a variety of skills and profiles, allowing you to respond precisely to the specific requirements of your project while guaranteeing unparalleled excellence in the results obtained.

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Talent sourcing and dedicated teams


3-step approach

At Altcode, we have developed a systematic approach for identifying qualified individuals and teams to work with our clients. Our approach involves analyzing needs and objectives, selecting and engaging talented individuals, and promoting efficient collaboration while monitoring progress. This methodology enables us to understand our clients’ requirements, find the right experts for their projects, and effectively work with their internal teams to ensure successful software development. We make necessary adjustments throughout the process to deliver high-quality results promptly. Our aim is to provide excellent project execution and client satisfaction.

step 1

Analysis of Needs and Objectives

Our approach commences with a comprehensive examination of your specific needs and objectives. We closely collaborate with you to fully grasp your software development requirements. This step ensures a clear understanding of the project goals, enables the identification of suitable technologies, and establishes a meticulous roadmap.

    step 2

    Talent Selection and Engagement

    After having clearly established the objectives, we meticulously identify the talents who best match your requirements. Leveraging our extensive network of competent French-speaking developers and experts from Europe (France, Belgium) and Africa (Morocco, Tunisia), we form a dedicated team. Subsequently, we wholeheartedly involve this team in the project.

      step 3

      Agile Collaboration and Regular Monitoring

      We implement an agile approach to foster productive collaboration. Our dedicated team works in close collaboration with your internal teams, thus ensuring optimal cohesion. We constantly monitor the progress of the project and make the necessary adjustments. This iterative approach allows us to obtain the best results and to deliver to you quickly.

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      “Consultants et experts en développement talentueux”

      Julie Martin – Responsable IT

      “Services numériques de qualité, respect des deadlines et tarifs à la portée”

      Sophie Dupont – Directrice Technique

      “Équipe qui nous aidé à rédiger nos spécifications et à avancer dans le développement de notre projet”

      Pierre Lefèvre – CEO

      "Guillaume L. - IT Director at Rouge Editions"

      SaaS Sales Training delivered results! Boosted our team's effectiveness and confidence.

      "Emilie B. - Marketing Manager"

      Game-changing insights from the SaaS Sales Training by Altcode Solutions. Highly recommended!

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      Practical, focused, and impactful. Altcode Solutions's SaaS Sales Training delivers real value.

      Sourcing Approach

      Sourcing Approach Adapted to Software Development

      The sourcing of software development has been adjusted. Altcode specializes in talent scouting for software development projects. They employ a rigorous methodology to carefully select engineers and IT teams who possess advanced technological skills. With a growing community of Francophone developers in Europe and Africa, they are able to quickly provide qualified professionals for each project. Their agile and collaborative approach ensures seamless integration with internal teams and delivers efficient and innovative results that are aligned with objectives. Altcode’s skilled specialists accelerate innovation and ensure the success of software products.

      Customer cases

      Discover examples of customer projects

      We have been called upon by clients for projects encompassing functional analysis, writing specifications, designing screen models and providing functional support to development teams led by the Product Owner (PO).

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      With Altcode Solutions, you have the possibility to move forward on your software project with a single developer or with a dedicated team. Our flexible offerings make it easy for projects to start, scale, and end – As needed.