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We design digital solutions that enable our partners to excel in digital and agile transformation.

Altcode develops and manages highly adaptable software solutions, enabling companies to transform their processes with agility and venture into new business models.


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Propose Agile and Efficient Solutions

The digital revolution underway is creating countless opportunities every day to improve and enhance the efficiency of corporate workflows. Altcode is dedicated to empowering our partners with innovative digital solutions for growth, whether through the introduction of new product lines, improving the customer experience, or streamlining internal operations. We are fully embracing emerging methodologies and seizing every opportunity that arises.

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Jalal Bricha Directeur Altcode Solutioon et Consultant Business Analyst

Jalal Bricha

Director and Business Analyst

With over 15 years’ experience in software design, IT consulting, leading agile teams and implementing business tools, Jalal founded Altcode Solutions. His deep interest in user experience, NoCode, crypto-currencies and artificial intelligence, combined with a strong focus on business objectives, motivates him to deliver customized business solutions that meet a wide range of customer requirements during their digital transformation journeys.


Hind Chtibia

UX Designer and Business Analyst

Hind possesses extensive expertise in the field of educational digital tool design and management, accumulated over a span of more than 5 years. This profound background has refined her aptitude for attentively comprehending and evaluating the unique digital tool requirements of clients, empowering her to provide invaluable guidance in the creation of impeccable screen mockups, efficient workflows, and personalized information systems on a daily basis.


Kaoutar Haddouche

Digital Project Coordinator

Kaoutar is an expert with over 3 years of extensive experience, demonstrating exceptional skills in project coordination, digital tool management, implementing iterative SEO strategies, and executing SEO techniques. Her invaluable guidance helps Altcode Solutions clients navigate the complex path of conceptualizing, developing and launching their digital platforms. What’s more, she skillfully orchestrates the various project components, ensuring the delivery of a deeply satisfying final product.


Mohamed El Oujdani

web developer

Mohamed, a seasoned web developer with a profound expertise gained over a span of 3 years, lends his invaluable assistance to our esteemed clientele in the meticulous creation of high-impact digital products. Leveraging his proficient coding acumen and strategic iterative methodology, he adeptly translates conceptual visions into resilient digital solutions. Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mohamed adeptly tailors his approach to cater to the unique requirements of each client, thereby guaranteeing exceptional outcomes.


Anass Attak

Web support and administration

Anass brings a distinct expertise in customer technical support and the seamless integration of tools and information systems. He provides invaluable assistance to our clients throughout the final deployment stages, troubleshooting anomalies, and conducting user training. Through his attentive listening and consistent communication with users and the development team, he plays a crucial role in continually enhancing our digital solutions.



Our digital solutions

We specialize in developing highly adaptable software solutions that stay at the cutting edge of web and cloud technology. Our cutting-edge tools enable companies to discover new methods of collaboration and productivity. Our approach to solution development is agile and iterative, using cutting-edge technologies such as NoCode, UX Design, automation, APIs, scalable application development and data-driven decision-making.

A project in mind?

Do not hesitate to tell us about your digital development projects, we will be happy to offer you solutions and unique support to make them a success.