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Altcode Club – Affordable and Innovative

Passage to Digital Excellence

Financial Accessibility

Altcode Club offers a range of affordable subscription packages, providing small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets the opportunity to access high-quality professional services while maintaining financial stability.

Powerful management tools

The use of Altcode CRM and Altcode Projects in the Automation package enables efficient management of customer relations and projects. These tools facilitate team collaboration and improve overall productivity.

All-in-one solutions

Altcode Talents subscription packages offer all-in-one solutions that include web hosting, project management, CRM, and artificial intelligence integration. This simplifies service management and reduces operational complexity for companies.

Artificial Intelligence integration

AI pack members have access to an AI assistant with personalized data. This opens up opportunities for advanced automation, service personalization, and the exploration of AI-based solutions.

Continuous Technical Support

The Web package provides functional and technical support throughout the week, ensuring continuous assistance in case of technical questions or problems. This reinforces the reliability of the services provided by Altcode Club.

Flexibility with Altcode Talents

Altcode Talents provides tailored packages to meet the specific needs of its members, ensuring flexibility. This way, each company’s unique requirements are met efficiently and individually.

Process Automation

Altcode Club members can significantly reduce the time and resources required for project management through automation. This includes automating tasks like tracking progress, communicating with customers, and handling invoicing efficiently.

Reduced investment time

The automation and simplification of Altcode Club processes allow members to reduce the time invested in project management, enabling them to focus more on their core activities.

Subscriptions and Pricing

for All Teams

Web Pack

Professional online presence, hosting, publishing, and support.

Starting at

€100 /mois

1. Website hosting

2. Creation of four pages, blog posts, or LinkedIn publications

3. SEO referencing

4. Functional support

5. Technical support

Digitalisation Pack

Improved customer relations and automated project management.

Starting at

200 /mois

All Web Pack articles, in addition to :

1. Integration of a customer relationship management (CRM) system

2. Collaborative project management platform

3. Implementation of a ticketing system

4. Integration of automated workflows for project management

5. Real-time monitoring of project progress

6. Centralized team collaboration and communication

AI Pack

Achieve maximum productivity with personalized AI assistants.

Starting at

€400 /mois

All Digitization Pack articles, in addition to :

1. Creating an AI assistant

2. Identify relevant use cases for the AI assistant

3. Preparation of AI assistant data

4. Model training on specific data

5. Adapt conservation to context for more natural interactions

6. Continuous monitoring of assistant performance

7. Automatic update of assistant knowledge

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