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Altcode is a distinguished enterprise software company that excels in developing adaptable and scalable software solutions to cater to the dynamic requirements of our esteemed clientele. We boast unparalleled proficiency in cutting-edge technologies and possess a comprehensive understanding of diverse industries, enabling us to assist our clients in assembling teams of adept professionals and developers with the aim of automating processes and implementing top-tier solutions. Our overarching objective is to consistently deliver sustainable value throughout our clients’ transformative digital journey.


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Tailor-made services

Depending on your needs, Altcode offers several types of tailor-made services to provide you with implementations and technological solutions that respond in a personalized way to your context.

Creation of dynamic UX models

Our UX/UI designers offer detail-oriented services with the aim of exceeding client expectations, creating beautiful and user-friendly designs for enterprise information systems, web portals, and mobile applications. We design user interface development strategies that delight users and position your business as a benchmark for quality.

Software testing and software quality assurance

We provide a wide array of software testing services that encompass compliance testing, performance testing, security testing, compatibility testing, and additional offerings. These services can be customized to align with your precise requirements and objectives. Our collaborative methodology guarantees a thorough comprehension of your business goals and usage scenarios, enabling us to deliver testing solutions that ensure comprehensive coverage and utmost quality assurance.

Development of MVPs and prototypes

Following the creation of the application mockup or POC, our team will promptly transform your concepts into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), embodying only the indispensable software functionalities and attributes required for thorough testing and validation. This methodology facilitates the acquisition of valuable insights pertaining to your value proposition and business model, enabling informed decision-making.

Consulting and development in blockchain and Web3

We provide comprehensive blockchain consulting and development services to optimize your operations, mitigate risks, and enhance traceability and security. Our team of highly skilled software engineers possess extensive expertise and vast experience in delivering customized blockchain solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. By closely collaborating with our clients to understand their needs and objectives, we offer tailored blockchain solutions that effectively fulfill their unique demands. We firmly believe that our holistic approach to blockchain consulting and development can significantly improve operational efficiency and minimize business risks.

Custom software development

Altcode Solutions offers top-notch bespoke software development services that are meticulously tailored to suit your business and distinct requirements. Our primary objective is to optimize the efficacy of your workflow processes and cater to your precise demands. These services can be delivered on a fixed-cost or time and material basis, depending on your preferences. Essentially, we provide a flexible and personalized software development solution to cater to your specific needs.

Cloud computing

Our cloud computing services are designed to facilitate organizational innovation and business transformation by bolstering agility, mitigating expenses, and streamlining IT processes. By leveraging our cloud computing solutions, enterprises can effortlessly access adaptable and expandable IT resources via the internet, eliminating the need for in-house software and hardware procurement, installation, and management. We firmly believe that our cloud computing services can bolster your business’s efficacy, allowing you to prioritize core operations while relinquishing the burden of technical intricacies.

Web and mobile development

Our company utilizes advanced design and technology tactics to develop sophisticated websites, native mobile applications, and brand encounters that captivate a vast number of consumers. Our objective is to produce visually appealing and user-centric designs that cater to our clients’ requirements and provide an exceptional user experience. We firmly believe that the integration of strategy, design, and technology is imperative in delivering top-notch products that surpass the expectations of our clients and their desired audience.

Application support and maintenance

Our organization offers a range of managed services, administered by knowledgeable professionals, as a means of supplementing or replacing your internal web operations teams. These services encompass monitoring, problem resolution, and overall management. We guarantee round-the-clock monitoring of your applications, swift resolution of issues, and dedicated maintenance to ensure optimal performance of your web applications. Our managed services are adaptable and customized to meet your unique requirements for application support. We firmly believe that our competent and expert approach to application support will significantly improve the caliber and accessibility of your web applications.

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How to recognize a good custom software publisher?

Here are some key points that can be very helpful when you have to choose among the best custom software development companies:

    criterion 1

    Good communication

    It is of utmost importance that your chosen remote software development partner possesses complete fluency in English or the language of your preference. This guarantees a seamless and accurate exchange of information throughout the entirety of the project. Additionally, it is imperative that their working methods harmonize with your own throughout the development cycle, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient progression of the project, devoid of any superfluous interruptions or delays. By carefully selecting a software development partner who fulfills these prerequisites, you can be assured of receiving top-notch development quality and a highly effective collaboration with your team.

    criterion 2

    Technological expertise

    Outsourcing software development grants the opportunity to tap into a remarkable pool of elite IT professionals. It is incumbent upon the service provider to curate a team of local software developers and deliver an exceptional product on your behalf. Through the outsourcing of your software development, you gain access to a reservoir of proficient and seasoned software developers, a quest that may prove arduous internally. Engaging with an adept and skilled software development team guarantees the provision of a superior product that harmonizes with your requirements as well as those of your clientele.

      criterion 3

      Ability to set up a dedicated team

      An IT service company (ITSC) capable of assembling and overseeing a dedicated team of experts and developers for your project can be a significant asset for several reasons:

      • Flexibility and Agility: A dedicated team can be easily adjusted to accommodate the evolving needs of your project. This is particularly advantageous when you require additional resources or need to downsize your team.
      • Communication and Collaboration: A dedicated team can integrate more seamlessly into your organization and work closely with your in-house team, enhancing communication and collaboration.
      • Project Management: The ITSC managing the dedicated team takes on the responsibility of project coordination and management. This allows you to focus on your core business while entrusting project management to a professional team.
      • Expertise and Experience: With a dedicated team, you can select members based on their expertise and experience, ensuring superior work quality and increased efficiency.

        Partnering with an ITSC that can provide these benefits through a dedicated team approach allows you to leverage external resources while maintaining control and quality assurance over your project’s development process.

        criterion 4

        Experience and quality references

        The evidence of references, past clients, and completed projects speak for themselves and provide insight into the company’s performance and work quality. By considering these factors, you can gain an understanding of how the company has handled similar projects and the satisfaction levels of its previous clients. This can assist you in evaluating the company’s qualifications and ability to meet your needs and those of your clients.

          criterion 5

          Same time zone

          The utilization of similar time zones undoubtedly offers numerous benefits in terms of coordinating meetings and facilitating collaborative workflows between outsourced and in-house teams. This approach guarantees the availability and active participation of all team members during important meetings and work exchanges, which can be a considerable obstacle when teams are spread across different time zones. Additionally, aligning work schedules within similar time zones minimizes communication delays and significantly improves overall team productivity. In essence, choosing to operate within similar time zones proves to be a valuable resource for effectively managing an outsourced team.

          criterion 6

          Lasting value

          It is of utmost importance to carefully choose a digital services company (ESN) that strives to establish a trustworthy relationship and long-lasting value for your business throughout the digital transformation process. This can be achieved by consistently ensuring that the software solutions developed meet your long-term needs and take into account the evolution of your business, industry, or profession. The chosen ESN will also serve as a partner in realizing your long-term vision for digital transformation.

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              UX DESIGN approach

              Approach based on UX Design, agility and NoCode

              Embracing agile, UX design, and NoCode approaches can significantly enhance the success rate of your software development projects:

              • The practice of UX design empowers you to create user-friendly applications that fulfill the expectations of your users. This process begins by validating your interface concepts through business workshops, ultimately leading to increased adoption of your application and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

              • NoCode enables the swift development of applications without requiring extensive coding expertise. This facilitates the reduction of development expenses and expedites the time it takes to bring your application prototype or MVP to market. After undergoing rigorous testing by actual users and integrating their feedback to enhance its functionality, you will confidently progress to development utilizing more sophisticated technologies, knowing that all essential features have been incorporated.

              • The quality of agility enables a more efficient adjustment to project modifications and a prompt response to customer requirements. Additionally, it cultivates enhanced teamwork and increased clarity in the development procedure.

              By implementing these strategies, you can greatly improve the efficacy of your software development endeavors by delivering high-caliber solutions that effectively cater to the requirements of both users and businesses.

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