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Hyper-customizable helpdesk solution

Agilesk serves as a highly adaptable and user-centric software platform designed for agile project management. This cutting-edge solution offers a range of sophisticated functionalities including iterative planning, live monitoring, collaborative teamwork, and analytical reporting. By facilitating seamless communication with clients and optimizing internal organization, Agilesk empowers businesses to enhance their operational efficiency and productivity while fostering a culture of effective collaboration among teams.

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B2B expert chatbot preparation platform

Aidvi.com is a cutting-edge platform designed to cater to the training and customization of chatbots. It specifically caters to the needs of experts and B2B-focused enterprises, offering a personalized approach to crafting chatbots that align with specific requirements. By leveraging Aidvi.com, one can develop highly intelligent and efficient chatbots, thereby elevating customer satisfaction and optimizing operational efficacy.

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Turnkey LMS solution based on “learn to earn”

Wistep is a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) that effectively fosters employee engagement by guiding them through an immersive learning process. Taking cues from the popular video-sharing platform YouTube, Wistep offers a modern and captivating learning experience. By incorporating gamification techniques and the innovative ‘learn to earn’ approach, learners are incentivized to develop and improve their skills using interactive and familiar methods.

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Approved agile integration approach

Understanding of the issues, discussion and initial analysis workshops of functional objectives and business needs.

Realization of workflow diagrams, specifications and parameters necessary for the implementation of the solution.

Installation, configuration and launch of the solution. Training and support for the adoption of the solution.

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Propose Agile and Efficient Solutions

Altcode Solutions is committed to unlocking opportunities to improve business processes in the midst of the ongoing digital revolution. Our commitment is to provide assistance in introducing revolutionary products and services, ensuring an exceptional customer experience and optimizing internal operations. Our primary objective is to facilitate the transition to digital methodologies, enabling companies to harness the resulting benefits for growth and prosperity. Embrace the journey of digital transformation by joining Altcode Solutions.


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We are experts in creating solutions based on web and cloud technologies. These innovative tools enable companies to discover new avenues for collaboration and productivity. Our approach to solution development incorporates an agile and iterative process, employing cutting-edge technologies such as NoCode, UX Design, automation, APIs, scalable application development and data-driven decision-making.

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