Key Metrics for a SaaS Business: 9 Crucial Indicators

key metrics for a saas business

2 November 2023

For SaaS business owners, it is crucial to monitor key indicators carefully. This enables them to assess the state and progress of their business, ensuring efficient management and sustainable growth. This article details nine key metrics for a SaaS business, including Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Churn Rate, Customer Acquisition (CAC), and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV). We will provide an in-depth analysis of each indicator. We will explain why metrics are fundamental to a SaaS business and how they can drive growth and improve overall performance.

Key Metrics for a SaaS Business

1. Rate of Customer Attrition

The customer attrition rate, also known as the churn rate, reflects the proportion of customers abandoning a product or service over a specific period. Analyzing this rate is vital as it provides insights into customer satisfaction and loyalty. Understanding attrition helps companies identify the underlying causes of customer churn. By optimizing the customer experience, companies can minimize the negative impact on revenues and long-term growth.

2. Recurring Monthly Income (RMI)

Recurring Monthly Income (RMI) is a financial metric that measures monthly revenue generated by customer subscriptions to your services or products. This metric is particularly important for SaaS companies as it provides a reliable estimate of future revenues, facilitating financial and strategic planning. By analyzing RMI, companies can assess their financial stability, anticipate cash flows, and determine the long-term viability of their business models.

3. Average Income Per User (AIPU)

Average revenue per user (ARPU) illuminates the monetary value generated by each user of your SaaS service. Therefore, it guides acquisition and pricing strategies. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) predicts revenues over the lifetime of a customer. It influences retention efforts and marketing spend optimization.

Average Income Per User (AIPU)

4. Value of a Customer Over Lifetime (VCL)

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) estimates a customer’s revenue over their entire engagement with your service. It is crucial to develop targeted loyalty strategies and adjust customer acquisition budgets to maximize long-term ROI.

5. Cost of Acquiring a Customer (CAC)

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) reveals the total cost of acquiring a new customer, including marketing and sales expenses. The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) must exceed the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) significantly. This guarantees the company’s long-term financial sustainability and ensures a healthy profit margin.

6. Rate of Conversion from Trials

The Conversion Rate from Free Trials to Paying Customers measures the effectiveness of converting free trial users into paying customers. Analyzing this rate can help identify barriers to conversion and improve tactics to turn users into loyal customers. This strengthens the customer base and promotes business growth.

Rate of Conversion from Trial

7. Rate of Conversion from Freemium

The Free to Paid User Upgrade Rate is the proportion of users who choose to pay for your service after an initial free period. Understanding this rate helps optimize offers and incentives to encourage upgrades, promote revenue growth, and reinforce the value of your product or service.

8. Income from Expansions

Expansion Revenues represent additional revenues generated by existing customers, either through upgrading their subscription or through increased use of your products or services. These revenues are crucial for the sustainable development of your business, as they reinforce financial stability and promote long-term growth.

9. Promoter Score Net (PSN)

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric used to evaluate customer satisfaction and loyalty based on their likelihood to recommend your service to others. A high NPS indicates high customer satisfaction, which is essential for stimulating organic growth through word-of-mouth. This strengthens your company’s reputation and attracts new customers.


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