What is NoCode?


Mohamed El Oujdani

Web Developper

13 December 2023

We’re now going to take a look at what exactly NoCode is and how it can help us. How it works and why we should explore it.

The name itself suggests that NoCode application development is the process of creating an application without having to write any code. Thanks to platforms that don’t require code and allow users to drop and drag preconfigured blocks to create web and mobile applications. MVP and enterprise-class applications.

How do NoCode platforms work?

NoCode platforms work like LEGO bricks. Thanks to their capabilities, we can build our application’s interface (frontend) and also what needs to happen in the servers (backend). Depending on which part we’re working on, the process will be slightly different.

First, let’s start with the front end. When we start developing applications, the user interface looks like a blank page. We then need to be able to drop relevant and intriguing elements onto the blank page, including images, buttons, text entries, and so on. After that, we need to define the properties of these elements, such as widths, lengths, colors, and so on. This method allows us to design the entire user interface. This is known as the “WYSIWYG” approach What you see is what you get. What we can see is the living consequence of our efforts. In the background, the surface is made up of simple HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code that creates our application’s interface.

When we build a backend, this is what we want to happen when the user clicks on something. When an action needs to be executed on the server side when a record needs to be made in the database, and so on. Then we move the appropriate action block to generate workflows.

What is NoCode and how does it work?

(Note that actions taken after user interaction can be executed from the front end, e.g. display an alert, go to another page, etc.).

The workflow is the process you want to take place step by step each time. For example, when I click on the “X”. The reason for this is the way we structure your program (the function code is “inside” these actions/block functions).

We developed the application without writing a single line of code but under the platform. It creates all the code that is processed correctly it creates our application.

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Mohamed El Oujdani

Web Developper

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